Why is a system built log cabin more affordable?

Arizona log cabins can offer residence the getaway they have always needed during the hot summer months. Constructing a log cabin home in Arizona has never been more affordable. Using our local builders in Payson and Pine, we will work with you on a variety of designs, floor plans, interior, and exterior specifications and options. Our kit dealer uses a unique system build process that allows for maximum affordability and minimal time spent construction. Our prices make it easy to customize the home of your dreams. View pictures today for more information. We are proud to build throughout Arizona including Payson, Show Low, Pine, Strawberry, Christopher Creek, Heber/Overgaard, Pinetop, White Mountain Areas and more.

Payson Log Home
Payson, Arizona
Elk Ridge Model
Delivery Date: July 18, 2006
Completion Date: January 5, 2007
3500 sq/ft: 3 bedroom & 3 bath 2 car garage/basement
VIEW PROJECT DETAILS - This is Our Model Home - Come See Us In Payson!

Building a log cabin home in Arizona has always been in high demand, but, only now has our unique cabin design given you more options, more affordability, and less time construction than now! You would not believe that your family could build the dream home complete with custom floor plans and interior and exterior options, and be save thousands doing it! Our log cabin kits are truly unique. From our design options, to the log cabin builders, we handle every aspect of your future home construction. We are not a or modular builder, our manufacturing and construction is a system built process.

Arizona log cabins are more popular than every before. If you are looking to build a log cabin home in Arizona, contact us today. With over 20 floor plans and countless interior and exterior options, our log cabin kit can be customized to kit your budget. With plans ranging from 700-6000 sq/ft, our log cabin builders are experienced and dedicated in manufacturing and constructing the home of your dreams. Don't be fooled by other prefab or modular prices, contact us today for more information.


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