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Q:  How many models do you offer?

A:  Arizona Log Home Kits offers 21 different log home models.  These log homes range in size from 750 sq. ft. to over 6,000 sq. ft.  By choosing Arizona Log Home Kits, we work with you the owner to customize the exterior of the home with several options and can create a customized interior to meet your specific needs and desires.

Q:  What is the Price Range?

A:  Arizona Log Home Kits prides itself on being the most affordable way to build a log home.  The prices for the individual kits start at $29,750 for the smallest log home package at 750 sq. ft. and the largest log home at 6,000 plus sq. ft. is $219,950.

These prices include all of the following components for each home:

Q:  Who is the Home Builder?

We are a general contractor. Please contact us for more information.

Q:  How long is the Build Time?

A:  Typical building of your log home can vary from job to job.  The building site, excavation, and size of the home can dictate different completion schedules.  As a rule of thumb, most log homes can be completed within 4 months of delivery of the log home components.

Q:  What is a Log Home Kit?

A:  A Log Home Kit comprises of precision-built wall panels that are built in a controlled environment inside one of our two production facilities. These panelized walls deliver a “stick built’ product in an automated fashion.  Our walls are built to exact specifications under the guidelines of the international building code. The advantages of this type of construction are numerous. The homeowner benefits from a quick move-in date, minimal warping caused by moisture, and cost savings through less on-site waste and longer use of framing crews. The homeowner also has the assurance of a product built to closer tolerances.

Q:  Why should I build your Home?

A:  The bottom line is that we have increased the efficiencies of the building process while eliminating the need for a custom log home builder. This passes on to you, the client, both time and money savings. Once the walls are erected onsite and the home is dried- in, the interior finish work is like any other on-site, stick-built home. Items such as electrical, plumbing, insulation, fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and finish work will be completed by the customers contractor and will be subject to the same local building codes, guidelines and inspection processes as any other home.  The beauty and elegance of these Log Homes will only enhance the value and beauty of your community and give you the piece of mind knowing that the quality and craftsmanship you seek can be completed in a way you never once before considered.

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