As you explore this web site, you will understand that Arizona Log Home Kits is not your typical builder and we do not use conventional building practices. We have the rights to distribute a log home product that uses a system built process. That means you are saving both time and money...but not sacrificing the look and feel of a traditional log home. View the following pictures and content and you will have a better understanding of our unique log homes.

2x6 log

At our manufacturing plant, we start with a 2x6 wall construction.

The exterior walls are pre-stained, chinked, and all windows are pre-installed.


At the job site, before delivery, we will build your foundation whether it is slab on grade, stem walls/crawl space/full basement garage.

The home is delivered and the components are offloaded using a crane and the walls are set in place directly on your foundation.

interior wall

Within day one, the home begins to take shape as all walls are set in place and braced, and all remaining components are offloaded onto the job site.

Gable ends, kinG posts, and other major components are set in their correct position using a crane.

shed dormer

Within days, the major construction, which would normally take several weeks, has been completed. From this point forward, finishing the roof and all internal construction can begin.

Now that the complete log home package and shell are fully installed, we can begin internal framing, electrical, and pluming rough-ins.


All homes can be insulated using any type of traditional method to give your cabin a high R value rating.


Your family has the complete choice of selecting your own interior finishes. We proudly offer several local recommended partners to work with on selecting your own signature finish.

finished log home loft fireplace kitchen


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